Thanks to iPhone, the Cisco Flip Video Camera Is Toast

Before Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior was hired by Cisco, she was the CTO of Motorola and dismissed in her blog the introduction of the Apple iPhone. However within 9 months of the Apple iPhone introduction, Motorola sales had collapsed by more than $4 billion (Page 1) and Motorola operating earnings dropped $3.8 billion to a loss of $534 million, leaving Warrior with absolutely no future as the CTO of Motorola.

In my opinion, Warrior is now repeating her Motorola failure at Cisco. For example, during the first 9 months of Cisco's 2009 fiscal year under Warrior's leadership as CTO, Cisco sales plummeted $1.6 billion (Page 4) and operating income nose-dived $1 billion. Additionally, a UBS analyst is reporting that Cisco's losing market share across the board.

Today, Apple will begin selling its new iPhone 3G S and in my opinion, it will kill the Cisco Flip video camera.

How so you may ask?

Well, lets do a comparison of which device makes it easier to upload a video to YouTube.

Apple iPhone 3G S

Cisco Flip Video Camera

I Rest My Case!

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