Life Imitates Art: SNL Predicted New IPod Shuffle

In what is no doubt a coup for the 2005 writing staff of Saturday Night Live, Lance Ulanoff, editor-in-chief of, pointed out that a nearly 4 year-old episode of the famed comedy show did a fairly good job of predicting the new iPod shuffle. 

The pretty good Steve Jobs impersonator [I believe that's Fred Armisen -DM]describes over and over how "thrilled" he was about the new iPod Micro. Holding it in his fingertips, the Micro appears to be not much bigger than a human finger--recall that the new 4G shuffle is about two inches long.

The sketch features this golden exchange:

Tina Fey: "But we can barely see it." Fake Steve: "Exactly, and that's exciting."

We here at MacUser are now expecting the new MacBook Wheel sometime in 2013.

[via Cult of Mac] 

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