Photo Contest: Hot Pics for February

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus took these shots.

2/2/09 Hot Pic: "A Sweet Drink," by Paul Bild, Vancouver, B.C.

Paul writes, "I took this picture with a Canon 40D with a 70-200mm lens while visiting the Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona."

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2/9/09 Hot Pic: "White Pockets," by Jim Langford, San Clememte, California

Jim took this photo with a Canon 40D near Page, Arizona.

2/16/09 Hot Pic: "The Birthday Girl," by Rob Castro, Chino Hills, California

Rob writes: "For a while, I've been eyeing these figurines, which sat in front of a painting of a lake. They belong to one of our office secretaries. One day when everyone had left, I tried several shots at various shutter speeds using a LensBaby 3G with a wide angle lens on my Canon Rebel XT. To get that cool blue lake background, I adjusted the white balance using Canon's Digital Professional Photo."

2/23/09 Hot Pic: "America's Pride," by Ron Todd, Amissville, Virginia

Ron writes: "The Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington is a beautiful and serene place. It was even more so on this windy and cold evening with a full moon and the lights of Washington, D.C. reflecting from the clouds. The textures and setting were worth the battle with rush-hour traffic. I had to set my D80 to ISO 1600 since the scene is too big for flash of any kind."

2/9/09 Runner-Up: "Night Cactus" by David Gibbs, Phoenix, Arizona

Davis says that he shot this photo from the highway's edge using a Canon EOS 40D.

2/9/09 Runner-Up: "Brooklyn Bridge at Night" by John Rakis, Brooklyn

John writes: "I took this photograph from the pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge, while facing the skyline of lower Manhattan. I perched the camera on a metal railing and took a 5-second exposure that captured the light of oncoming traffic."

2/16/09 Runner-Up: "Jellyfish in Monterey" by Caron Pine, Monroe, New York

Caron writes: "We took a trip to California over the summer and stopped at the aquarium in Monterey. I shot this picture from behind the glass with a Canon Powershot SD700 IS."

2/23/09 Runner-Up: "Red Sun," by Katherine Forkner, Crescent City, California

Katherine captured this photo on California's North Coast with a Canon Digital Rebel XT and a wide-angle lens.