Showcase Your Photos in a Digital Photo Frame

Unleash photos from your PC onto these stylish, high-tech digital photo frames.

Kodak W820

Kodak, one of the most recognizable names in the photo world, offers a slew of digital photo frames that utilize the EasyShare photo-sharing service. The 8-inch, Wi-Fi-enabled Kodak W820 displays pictures and videos, and pipes MP3s through its built-in speakers. The frame features a slide-show option, lets you view and edit thumbnails on its touch-screen border, and comes with 512MB of internal memory. Vendor listing

Digital Spectrum MF-8115

Wireless photo sharing is at the core of the Digital Spectrum MF-8115 Premium. This gargantuan 15-inch, 800-by-600-resolution frame supports both Windows Vista and XP, has 256MB of internal memory, boasts a built-in multiformat card reader, plays WMV video, and pipes audio files through its built-in stereo speakers. The MF-8115's customizable frame allows you to match the device to your decor, too. Vendor listing

HP df820

The 8-inch HP df820 digital picture frame has an intuitive user interface, video and music support, and room to store up to 1000 photos. It comes with three sets of interchangeable double mats as well as predesigned digital mats, so it will look great in just about any room. And if you have a PictBridge-enabled printer, you can send photos to it directly from the frame. Vendor listing

Mustek PF-i700

Don't keep videos and photos trapped on your iPod: The brilliant, 7-inch Mustek PF-i700 has an integrated Apple iPod docking station that lets you present files from your portable player. You can load media onto the frame from a memory card, as well. The PF-i700 has a 480-by-234-pixel resolution and a wide-screen (16:9) aspect ratio, so it can display in both portrait and landscape views. It supports Xvid and motion-JPEG video formats, too. Latest prices

Transcend T.Photo 720

The 7-inch Transcend T.Photo frame has a whopping 2GB of internal memory, a gorgeous 800-by-400-pixel resolution, and a handful of entertaining features. It provides a built-in MP3 player and FM radio with stereo speakers, as well as an automatic rotation sensor for landscape and portrait viewing. The frame also doubles as a clock radio or desktop calendar, and supports full-motion-video playback. Latest prices

Matsunichi Photoblitz PF1009M

The 10-inch Matsunichi Photoblitz PF1009M LCD frame displays in both traditional (4:3) and wide-screen (16:9) aspect ratios. It comes with attractive, interchangeable frames of cherry and black wood. You can supply musical accompaniment for your slide shows, too, since the PF1009M plays audio via built-in internal speakers. The frame has a push-button interface, two memory card slots, an automatic slide-show mode that starts when you turn on the frame, a rotating stand, and built in brackets. Latest prices

Sony S-Frame DPF-V900

The Bluetooth-enabled Sony DPF-V900 can import images wirelessly from a Bluetooth device such as a cell phone. You can also connect the frame to your HDTV via an HDMI cable. The 9-inch frame has a 800-by-480-pixel resolution and a 15:9 aspect ratio. It provides ten slide-show variations, clock and calendar views, and two index modes so you can preview multiple photos at once. Latest prices


The JOBO PDJ801 is a stylish and modern-looking acrylic frame with metal trim surrounding a stunning, 8.4-inch, 800-by-600-pixel LCD screen. The PDJ801 comes with a generous 1GB of internal memory that can store 8000 pictures. A rechargeable lithium ion battery eliminates the need for cords and lets you take the frame on the go. Vendor listing

Westinghouse DPF-0802

The 8-inch Westinghouse DPF-0802 has an interesting MosaicView mode that allows you to see multiple pictures on the screen at once. It also features favorite-picture selection and photo-shuffle modes. The DPF-0802 supports AVI Motion JPEG, MPEG-1, and MPEG-4 video formats on its 800-by-600-pixel LCD screen, and has 128MB of internal memory. Latest prices

T-Mobile Cameo

This 7-inch, 720-by-480-pixel digital photo frame, manufactured by Parrot, comes with its own dedicated T-Mobile phone number. You can send photos to the frame via MMS from a variety of networks or by e-mail--it's an easy way to share spur-of-the-moment shots. The T-Mobile Cameo also accepts photos directly from camera phones. Unfortunately, the frame's stitched-leather border makes the product look a bit chintzy. Vendor listing

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