Photo Contest: Hot Pics for October

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus took these shots.

10/7/08 Hot Pic: "Grasshopper," by Steve Creek, Lavaca, Arizona

Joe writes: "I had just parked in a wooded area to do a photo walk when this grasshopper jumped onto the hood of my vehicle. I thought that the reflection from the hood and the various bits of sand made for a great photo."

10/14/08 Hot Pic: "Frozen Shore," by John G. Dennie, Belleville, Ontario

John writes: "This is the most photographed tree in Prince Edward County, but usually in good weather. I thought I'd go there on one of the coldest days of the winter. The shoreline was frozen and the ice was pushed ashore and piled high by the waves." John used a Canon Digital Rebel

10/21/08 Hot Pic: "Kingdom Coaster," by Joe Kelty, Louisville, Kentucky

Joe writes: "I planned on stopping on the way to work and getting some pictures of Kentucky Kingdom Theme Park at sunrise. So, one Saturday morning I pulled into the emergency lane and captured this with my Kodak Z612."

10/28/08 Hot Pic: "Windmills," by Elliot Madriss, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Elliot says that he took this photo of wind sculptures in Algodones, New Mexico with his Nikon D100.

10/7/08 Runner-Up: "East River Sunrise," by Paul Corcoran, New York

Paul stitched this photo together from six individual photos using AutoStitch. He then tweaked the exposure settings with IrfanView. He used a Nikon D300.

10/14/08 Runner-Up: "Feathers," by Maureen E. Janson, Washington, Missouri

Maureen writes: "This is a close-up of feathers on a goose that I shot with my Canon EOS Rebel XSi at a lake near my home. For this image, I zoomed in close and cropped the photo to show just the feathers."

10/21/08 Runner-Up: "Blossoming Tree," by Scott Welch, Orlando, Florida

Scott writes: "While working in Los Angeles, I found a wonderful street in Burbank lined with blossoming trees.... I took this photo under a tree, facing straight up. Afterwards, I manipulated the levels a bit since the picture was a little overexposed."

10/28/08 Runner-Up: "Just Another Day," by Rob Castro, Chino Hills, California

Rob writes: "I used a Canon Rebel XT with a 50mm lens and a 2X teleconverter to take this photo. I shot the same image twice: once focused and again out-of-focus. I layered the two using Photoshop, with the out-of-focus shot on top at about 30 percent opacity."