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  • LG Electronics 47LBX OPUS

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If you want a great image out of your HDTV (and who doesn't?), you should probably skip this offering from LG. In a group of nine 46- and 47-inch high-def sets that we evaluated in April 2008, the 47LBX Opus ranked eighth in overall image quality. It scored only a Fair for detail and for brightness and contrast. It handled color pretty well--though it gave Caucasian flesh tones a decidedly reddish tint.

On the other hand, the audio was very good for a television sound system. (To do justice to today's movie soundtracks, however, you'll have to spring for a separate amplifier and speakers.) The quiet background effects and dialogue in the opening scene of Phantom of the Opera came through clearly, though the loud organ blast struggled to get through the speakers.

LG has added a few nice touches to the 47LBX Opus. A USB port lets you view your photos and listen to your music. The television swivels on its stand, so you can watch from various angles and reach the back of the set more easily. And on the back, the inputs conveniently face outward.

The remote control is mostly good, though it lacks a backlight. It has a comfortable grip, and the main buttons are well situated and easy to find. Special 'Bright+' and 'Bright-' buttons control the LCD's backlight. Thanks to SimpLink--LG's version of HDMI's Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) channel--the remote can control other SimpLink devices without requiring special programming.

The LG's menus are attractive, clear, and a pleasure to read; they behave just as you'd expect. The included manual is a skimpy 32-page Reader's Digest distillation of the full manual, which comes in PDF form on an included CD.

Overall, this set's combination of a high price ($2500) and lackluster display performance makes it unappealing.

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At a Glance
  • TechHive Rating

    A swiveling stand and USB-based music and photo capabilities don't make up for poor image quality


    • Swivels on stand
    • Great sound quality


    • High price
    • Disappointing picture quality
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