Randall Module Guitar Amps Offer Variety of Tones

Choosing a guitar amplifier is no easy task, but Randall has announced general availability of a series of amplifiers that it hopes will appeal to a wide range of guitar players. The Randall MTS Series allows guitar players to add and remove modules, each with its own tone.

While there are software applications available to model guitar amplifiers, many guitarists choose to mic their amp and then record to their Macs. When choosing an amp guitar players must decide what kind of tone they are looking for - a crunchy AC/DC rock tone, a clean Eric Clapton bluesy tone or an all out heavy metal Zakk Wylde tone. The problem with many amps is that there isn't much versatility once your choice has been made.

With the Randall MTS Series, guitar players can simply remove a module and plug in a new one that offers a completely different tone. The amps can handle up to four modules at once, so you can easily switch from one to the other on the fly.

Amp modules include Ultra - Metal tone with extreme hi-gain, tight low end and liquid sustain; Treadplate - Nu-Metal tone with strong mid-range; UltraXL - Modern hi-gain with liquid gain, tight bottom end with cutting upper mid-range; JTM - Classic mid-gain tone with huge bottom end; SL+ - Gain and punch able to handle anything from Zakk Wylde to Led Zeppelin; Top Boost - Chimy hi-end ranging from classic Tom Petty to Lenny Kravitz; Tweed - Big bottom end with a biting gain circuit. Ideal for blues tones; Blackface - Legendary clean tone with cutting mid-range and sparking highs; DLX - Country lovers will enjoy the great mid-range and top end; Clean - Perfect clean tone for jazz and blues guitarist; XTC - Superior all-ground hi-gain module that covers any rock tone.

There are several MTS models available in combo and head form. Pricing for the modules and amps are available from Randall's Web site.

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