IPhone 'Leaflets' Access Flickr, Del.icio.us, Others

Blue Flavor on Monday introduced Leaflets, a new mobile portal focusing initially on Apple's iPhone. Leaflets offer users access to popular Web sites including the photo sharing site Flickr, the del.icio.us bookmarking service and others.

iPhone users can access most Web sites using the Safari Web browser built into the phone itself, but Blue Flavor has created mobile-optimized versions of popular sites using XHTML, CSS, RSS and XML.

Blue Flavor claims that 'Leaflets' are more bandwidth-conservative, and better for working on AT&T's EDGE data network, and mindful of the restrictions of working with a smaller device.

Other Leaflets include a Search tool that offers access to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Wikipedia and more; RSS and Atom feeds; Newsvine; a directory of iPhone access; an optimized version of the New York Times; Upcoming, an event management tool; and Le Tour de France, the popular bicycling race.

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