Photo Contest: Vote for Your Favorite Reader Photo for May

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus column have taken these shots. Dave narrowed down May's finalists; you vote on your favorite using the link in the caption below.

"Inside the Orchid," by Steve Zimmermann, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Steve writes: "This orchid was backlit by the sun through a window. The lighting allowed me to get the lens very close to the center of the flower without having to worry about the camera itself blocking light coming from the other direction. I shot this with an Olympus SP-350 set on its 'super macro' mode. Afterwards, I brightened the image slightly with the Curves tool in Photoshop CS2." Vote for This Entry

"Ice Kingdom," by Scott A. Walmsley, Canajoharie, New York

Scott says that he shot this photo with a Canon 30D at a local waterfall in upstate New York. He says: "I wanted to show that waterfalls can be just as beautiful in the winter as in the summer." Vote for This Entry

"Bubble in Glass," by Bruce Farris, Moncton, New Brunswick

Bruce says: "I call this photo 'Bubble in Glass.' It's a macro image of a bubble that I discovered in a clear glass mug, which I took with my Canon PowerShot S400 Digital Elph." Vote for This Entry

"Summer Snack," by Patrick Marcigliano, Cumming, Georgia

Patrick says: "I took this shot of my daughter at a beach house after she had just come in from the beach to eat some lunch." Patrick shot this photo with a Canon PowerShot S2 IS. Vote for This Entry

"Lake Austin," by David Keenan, Austin, Texas

David says: "I took this photograph near a popular Austin restaurant with my Konica Hexar RF rangefinder camera. I scanned the transparency using a Nikon 5000 scanner and then edited it in Photoshop CS2. I converted a layer to monochrome and tinted it slightly using a warming filter. Then I used the history brush to recover the colored light bulbs." Vote for This Entry