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Gadget News: Blinking iPod Shuffle Lights

Flashing green and orange lights on an iPod Shuffle could mean the music player is suffering from a generic error and may never recover. The problem is widespread enough to warrant more than 550 posts to the topic of "green and orange flashing lights" at Apple's online iPod Shuffle support forum. Read "If Lights Blink on Your iPod Shuffle, It Could Be Bad News" to find out more about the problem, and what some users are doing about it.

PDA/Phone Review: First Look at T-Mobile's Sidekick 3

The newest version of the Sidekick features an MP3 player, a trackball, a faster processor, support for a faster data network, and a great keyboard, says PC World reviewer Yardena Arar. The device costs $300 with a two-year T-Mobile contract; unlimited data services cost just $20 per month with a voice plan.

Tablet PC Review: HP's Tablet Is Robust But Pricey

The HP Compaq tc4400 is a well-designed notebook with seamless convertible Tablet PC functionality, but it's a bit pricey (our test unit was $2379). The portable has a 12.1-inch screen and weighs about 4.6 pounds.

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