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Creative Labs GigaWorks ProGamer G500

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  • Creative GigaWorks ProGamer G500 5.1 Speaker System (310 Watts, THX Certified)

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Creative Labs GigaWorks ProGamer G500
Artwork: Rick Rizner, John Goddard

Creative Labs' GigaWorks ProGamer G500 5.1-channel speaker set may be the best deal on the lot if you don't want digital inputs or a remote control.

The system is handsome and sturdy. It has removable speaker grilles and a wired controller that lets you adjust master, subwoofer, center, and rear volume, as well as treble for all except the subwoofer. The controller also offers a headphone jack, and the subwoofer has an auxiliary port for plugging in other devices.

The GigaWorks G500 ranked second among our batch of six products in our latest audio-quality tests, and it received the top score in our tests of stereo music tracks. Most testers felt that it produced full sound, though one jury member thought that the low tones could have been more clearly defined in our stereo test clip of AC/DC's "Hells Bells."

The inexpensive $250 (as of January 17, 2006) price tag on the GigaWorks G500 is a definite plus. If you don't want digital inputs or a remote control, this 5.1-speaker system is a great deal.

Creative's GigaWorks ProGamer G500 gives you great sound for a great price.

Narasu Rebbapragada

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