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Illustration: Mark Matcho

Isn't it about time you got some relief from all those maddening things about Windows and the programs you use? Hunting for files and folders takes too much effort, your program windows are the wrong size, your bookmarks are scattered across three browsers, and that Word file with the weird formatting refuses to print correctly.

Our experts unearthed more than 65 gems to give you new features that you wish your software already had. We also show you how to do a bit of simple programming to apply your own custom formatting with a single click in Microsoft Word or Excel. See "Shortcuts to Downloads and Bookmarks" below for links to our collection of the programs included in this story--and start downloading. Your computing life will never be the same.

In This Article

Note: This online version of the May 2005 print feature includes several additional utilities in each section and other expanded material.

Shortcuts to Downloads and Bookmarks

For instant links to almost all the files in this article, click here: PC World Downloads Collection

And if you would like to add the sites behind these utilities to your Favorites folder in Internet Explorer in one swoop, follow these directions: Click here to download the ftp file and save this file to your My Downloads folder. Don't close Internet Explorer, and make sure your Favorites bar is visible. Windows XP users can open Windows Explorer, navigate to My Downloads, and click or double-click the saved file, named '', to reveal its contents, a folder called 'Supercharge Your Software'. Drag that folder to your Favorites bar in Internet Explorer to automatically add these links to your Favorites list. Users of other Windows versions need to use an unzip utility to open the .zip file and save the 'Supercharge Your Software' folder it contains into their Favorites folder (C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Favorites).

And that's not all. Click here for a collection of Windows freeware, and here to learn about other browser enhancements, along with some tips on how to manage plug-ins.

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