Digital Focus: Deal With Harsh Lighting

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Hot Pics

Get published, get famous! Each week, we select our favorite reader-submitted photo based on creativity, originality, and technique. Every month, the best of the weekly winners gets a prize valued at between $15 and $50.

Here's how to enter: Send us your photograph in JPEG format, at a resolution no higher than 640 by 480 pixels. Entries at higher resolutions will be immediately disqualified. If necessary, use an image editing program to reduce the file size of your image before e-mailing it to us. Include the title of your photo along with a short description and how you photographed it. Don't forget to send your name, e-mail address, and postal address. Before entering, please read the full description of the contest rules and regulations.

This Week's Hot Pic: "Coming and Going," by Jan Stadelmyer, Dulles, Virginia

About this week's Hot Pic, Jan says: "I took this picture while standing under a golf umbrella (holding it in one hand) with my Fuji FinePix s7000 (in the other hand) while watching bikers warm up for the International "Tour de 'Toona" in Altoona, PA. I was practicing my panning before the race (my first attempts at this type of thing) while the bikers rode up and down the road in the driving rain. I was panning the guy in the background when I heard another biker coming towards me. I was sure he would ruin the shot, so I quick snapped the picture before I saw him. To my surprise, he made it into the photo and made it even better! I doubt that I could duplicate this again if I tried."

Hot Pic of the Month: Each month we choose one of our weekly winners to be the Hot Pic of the Month. For our October winner, we chose "Flower Sniffer," by Ken Dobson from Oro Valley, Arizona.

Congratulations to Ken and to everyone else who won a Hot Pic of the Week last month. Keep those entries coming!

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