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Dave's Favorites: Free Image With OfotoNow

A few months ago, I wrote about various methods for cropping an image to a specific print size, like 8 by 10 or 5 by 7 inches. Since then, readers have suggested a few other ways to crop images for framing. And since I love free tools, I figured you'd want to know about OfotoNow as well.

OfotoNow is a simple image editing utility that's associated with the Ofoto online photo sharing site. You don't have to belong to Ofoto to use OfotoNow, though--you can download it for free.

You won't want to uninstall Adobe Photoshop, of course, but OfotoNow is great if you don't already have a full-featured image editor. The free program includes a slew of handy tools like image rotation, red eye removal, and cropping. The crop tool lets you choose from common frame sizes, just like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop Elements. OfotoNow is a handy way to get the job done--and all it costs you is a few minutes to download the application.

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